I was referred to Butler by a broker when my previous financial company did not give me a satisfactory answer to my loan requirements.  Everyone there was very courteous, professional, and attentive, and I think of them as partners in starting my new business.  The other company stalled for eight weeks and never gave me a firm answer.  Butler came in and said, "You have a stable business structure."  I had an answer in 72 hours and was funded in three weeks.

Ricardo Pimentl, President
RAFP Corp., Chelmsford, MA
Quiznos® Sub

Butler Capital was recommended to me by my equipment sales rep, who said, “Call Butler Capital, they’re the best”’ So I did.  I am very happy with the way Butler Capital handled everything.  It was such a relief to know I had a company I could trust to give me a good rate and take care of my needs.  Butler is the best.  I never saw any problems – all of my questions were answered right away.

Zuhair Khaliseh
Highland Texaco, National City, CA

Butler provided efficient and expeditious handling of my loan request.  It was truly painless and a pleasure -- much better than going through brokers.  I am certainly going to recommend and encourage (if not insist!) that my partners and I work with the Butler organization in the future.

B. J. Craven
Owner of seven SUBWAY® franchises in Mississippi


I was introduced to Butler Capital by another of its happy customers and have been working with Butler’s sales finance team for years -- in fact, I've lost track of the number of transactions we've done.  Suffice it to say, we use Butler to help give our clients -- auto dealers across the country -- a low-cost way to lease our software products.  Butler‘s a loyal, consistent partner, and I'd come back any time my firm needed an excellent funding resource.  Refer others to Butler?  Absolutely!

Adam DeGraide, Founder
B & Z Productions, LLC