Requirements for Obtaining a Loan from a Lending Business in Baltimore County

Are you looking to start or expand your business in Baltimore County, Maryland? If so, you may be eligible for a loan from a lending business. Baltimore County offers a variety of direct funding programs and tax credits to help businesses grow, encourage investment, and create jobs. In addition, the county can help you access state, federal, and private funding for new and expanding businesses. A consumer lender is a company that grants any loan or advance of money under the Maryland Consumer Loan Act.

This license is required for the chief executive position of any person (defined in Md. For more detailed information on this type of license, go to the NMLS Resource Center. The program provides federal tax incentives for investments in real estate projects and for commercial operation in designated communities. The Advanced Technology Loan Fund provides loans to technology-based companies and companies that purchase technological equipment. Business growth loans are direct loans or loan guarantees for new or expanding industrial or commercial enterprises. Baltimore County is a foreign trade zone (FTZ) designated for companies involved in international trade.

The list of financial incentives for Maryland businesses can be filtered to fit your specific business needs. The Baltimore County Development Fund is a loan program that dedicates revenues from video lottery terminals in Maryland to small, minority-owned, women, and veterans businesses. In partnership with Baltimore County, qualified institutions can create rental assistance programs for businesses moving to the designated area. If you are interested in obtaining a loan from a lending business in Baltimore County, there are certain requirements you must meet. Your business plan and cash flow projections must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan and you must provide sufficient collateral.

Additionally, you must be located within a designated area of Baltimore County. Search for a specific address or download a map to see if your business location is within a designated area of Baltimore County, Maryland. To learn more about the financial incentives available to businesses in Baltimore County, visit their website.

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