Funding Options for Businesses in Baltimore County: A Comprehensive Guide

Businesses in Baltimore County have access to a wide range of funding options to help them acquire and improve land, buildings, plants, and equipment. The Advanced Technology Loan Fund provides loans to technology-based companies and those that purchase technological equipment. The Boost Loan Fund program offers capital to specific businesses, including small businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans in the Baltimore metropolitan area. This program also provides federal tax incentives for investments in real estate projects and for commercial operations in designated communities. Family businesses and national retail chains are neighbors and offer shopping and entertainment experiences throughout the county.

Furthermore, the lending criteria for a microloan may not be as strict as those established by commercial lending sources. This has made it possible for the funds to be available to women, low-income and minority-group entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others who have the capacity to manage successful businesses, but who lack perfect credit or personal assets.

Business growth loans

are direct loans or loan guarantees for new or expanding industrial or commercial enterprises. Tax credits are available to help new businesses invest in property and create jobs, and to help existing businesses expand and grow. Baltimore County offers a variety of direct funding programs and tax credits to help grow your business, encourage investment and job creation in the county.

You can search for a specific address or download a map to see if your business location is within a designated area of Baltimore County. Private sector funding is leveraged with Baltimore County's flexible and deficit finance programs to help businesses expand and grow. Baltimore County is a foreign trade zone (FTZ) designated for companies involved in international trade. In addition, the county can help you access state, federal, and private funding for new and expanding businesses.

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