What are the Repayment Terms for Loans from Baltimore County Lending Businesses?

When it comes to loans from lending businesses in Baltimore County, the repayment period is five years with zero percent interest. The county offers a range of financial incentives for Maryland businesses, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular company. In partnership with Baltimore County, qualified institutions can create rental assistance programs for businesses relocating to the area. Both family-run businesses and national retail chains are present in the county, providing shopping and entertainment experiences. You can search for a specific address or download a map to determine if your business is located within a designated area of Baltimore County.

Private sector funding is combined with the county's flexible and deficit finance programs to help businesses expand and grow. The Advanced Technology Loan Fund provides loans to technology-based companies and those that purchase technological equipment. Business growth loans are direct loans or loan guarantees for new or expanding industrial or commercial enterprises. The county can also help you access state, federal, and private funding for new and expanding businesses. The program provides federal tax incentives for investments in real estate projects and for commercial operations in designated communities.

Tax credits are available to help new businesses invest in property and create jobs, as well as to assist existing businesses in expanding and growing. This reinvestment leads to improved talent development, skills, and living conditions for residents, business owners, and customers of the surrounding community. Baltimore County is a foreign trade zone (FTZ) designated for companies involved in international trade. However, lenders may prohibit the use of your loans for refinancing mortgages or other loans, paying for educational expenses, making commercial purchases, buying bonds or securities, or engaging in illegal or gambling activities.

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